Deep opening at the center of the heart – Dhanurasana or Bow pose – 22mins

Dhanurasana ( Bow pose ) – opens the shoulders, stretches the hip flexors, activates your thighs, strengthen the muscles of the back. It is a powerful stretch to the front of the body and creates deep opening at the center of the heart, which helps cultivate an attitude of fearlessness and grace.

In this 22mins video, you have few prep poses and counterpose which helps neutralize the body, brings body back to balance. Please be mindful throughout and, listen to your body. If anything doesn’t feel right, please stop.
Please don’t practice this peak pose – bow pose if you have or have had:

– any spine or back operations
– if you suffer from excessive problems of spinal cord and disc
– if you are pregnant
– shoulders injuries

Be also mindful on your neck; draw your chin towards the sternum during locust pose and bow pose. Maintain a length at the back of your neck. Only practice on empty stomach or light food at least 2-3 hours before.

The prep poses in this video – if you take it slow might actually help. Can help as well when you have digestive issues.

I have more videos that might be beneficial for strengthening the shoulders and stretches the hip flexors. Check those out!

Yoga strap might be useful. Use cushion to support your head/neck if decide for a longer Savasana.

Enjoy and, let me know what you have discovered throughout…


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