Healthy Living

There’s no one-size-fits-all for health. A professional athlete, a working parent and a great-grandmother will all have their own expectations for their health. What works for one person may not work for the next.

So, what does it mean to be truly healthy?

True health means your physical, mental and emotional sides are in balance. You experience vitality; you feel strong, fit and confident, with a day-to-day routine that takes you towards your goals.

If you’re healthy, you’re whole.

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Why we should all take healthy living seriously

Experiencing tiredness and fatigue most of the time? Can’t sleep soundly? Do you have mood swings, stiff limbs, brain fog and a lower sex drive? Are your gut and food intolerances causing you discomfort and stress? Is fat accumulating while muscles seem to be wasting away? These can all be caused by a lack of healthy living.

Getting older is inevitable, at least chronologically. But we certainly don’t need to feel older.

Our biological age is affected by many factors, including nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits and stress… basically, our lifestyle! And we can change that, to make ourselves healthier and happier.

It’s thought that 90% of health conditions and signs of ageing are caused by environmental factors and lifestyle. How we live, and the world we create – internally and externally – may be more important than our DNA when it comes to how we look and feel.

How you can reach your optimal health and wellbeing

By taking your first healthy living steps towards your optimal health and wellbeing, you’ll not only increase your energy levels, but you’ll also strengthen your muscles and heart. Your mind will sharpen and your body will become more flexible. All of this will increase your healthspan. And by taking these steps with me, you won’t need to do it alone.

Choose from my three healthy living & longevity packages, and using a holistic approach, we’ll work closely together to build sustainable health habits through good nutrition, sleep habits, stress management, lifestyle choices and yoga sessions. This will enable you to feel younger and more vibrant, whatever your age.

I’m here to support you on your own health and wellbeing journey – to a younger, healthier and happier you.

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Healthy Living & Longevity Programmes

Ready to go on your own health and wellbeing journey? I offer three bespoke healthy living & longevity programmes to support you.


What’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Naturopathic Health Coach?

A Nutritionist is knowledgeable about nutrition and provides dietary advice, meal plans and supplements.

A Naturopathic Health Coach works with you, using a more holistic approach, to improve health habits and overall health and wellbeing. They’ll look into and assess your food choices – as well as exercise, quality of sleep, stress coping and other lifestyle and environmental choices. And that’s exactly what I do.

Can I speak to you before committing to a programme?

Yes, you can. I offer a 20-minute free consultation to answer any questions you have. Simply book an available slot and fill out your form at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Would I need to pay the full amount before I decide on the package?

Not at all. You can pay in two instalments, 50% before our first session and 50% once you’re halfway through your chosen package.

What happens after I finish a five-week Intro Healthy Living programme? Are there any additional calls that I can book separately?

Yes. I’m here to support you. You can book a 60-minute one-to-one Zoom session, which costs £65. Or you can take the 12-week premium or 20-week ultimate package, to get further support.

What does Lifespan vs Healthspan mean?

Lifespan is how long you live. Healthspan is the amount of life that you spend in good health, without diseases and ageing disorders. So – it means the span of your life vs. your complete span of good health.