Yoga Workshops in Studio or Online

Would you like to deepen your learning?

Workshops are a great way to do this by breaking down certain concepts, postures and themes. The workshops are unique with a different focus in each one. You can enjoy as many of these as you fancy.

In these workshops, we deep-dive into a specific topic.

This could be arm balances, inversions or backbends. We might explore chakras, breathing techniques or meditations. We dive into more slow practices and go deeper into each pose individually. Also, we dig deeper into our Brain Health and Longevity extended workshops which would include Nutrition Talk.  

Workshops last about two hours and take place in the studio, or occasionally online. Each studio workshop is up to £45 per person. Each workshop is slightly diffrent. An online workshop is around £35 for one household if around 2-3 hours. If you have an unlimited hybrid membership, you’ll be pleased to hear that online workshops are included.

Keep eye on the next workshop in 2024.

Dive deeper into more extended yoga practices and join our wellbeing workshops in future. 

a group of people doing yoga in a room.

Healthy Living & Longevity Programmes

Ready to go on your own health and wellbeing journey? I offer three bespoke healthy living & longevity programmes to support you.