One-to-One Personalised Yoga Sessions

Originally, yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis. Although group classes are popular today and loved by many, they don’t suit everyone. With one-to-one personalised sessions, I can tailor yoga techniques to meet your exact needs.

Julia and student practicing yoga in Bedford park

What benefits do One-to-One Personalised Yoga Sessions bring you?

Slightly anxious or lacking a little confidence? Personal sessions enable you to enjoy the benefits of yoga when you’re not completely comfortable in group classes.

When yoga is completely new to you, tailored sessions are there to give you some yoga basics. You’ll soon be able to join group classes confidently.

Everyone’s body is different.

One-to-one sessions are tailored to your unique body, helping you to reach your optimal health and wellbeing much faster.

We all lead hectic lives, so finding time for yoga can be tricky. Personalised sessions allow you to practise yoga when group classes don’t fit your schedule.

We all have our good days and bad days. However you’re feeling, a one-to-one session can be tailored to give you what you need right now, whether that’s a boost of energy or a chance to slow down and breathe.

After enjoying group classes, you might want to take your practise to a deeper level. Taking a one-to-one approach is a great way to learn more from yoga philosophy, including breathing techniques and meditation.

How do I get started with One-to-One Yoga Sessions?

When you book, we’ll start with a one-off yoga session that lasts 65 minutes. This includes a consultation where we’ll chat about your needs, and what goals you’d like to achieve through yoga.

We’ll get to know one another

So you can get comfortable with my teaching and I can better understand you. Don’t worry, there’s no obligation to commit to more sessions. But I’m confident you’ll see the benefits!

After this, each of your one-to-one sessions lasts appx 65 minutes. What they contain depends on how you’re feeling that day, what you’re interested in exploring and what you’d like to achieve. I tailor to your personalised needs. So, sessions may include meditation, breathing techniques, strengthening sequences and, calming, nurturing Restorative poses. They might feature mindful movements to release tension or energising asanas ( poses ). We might even incorporate Mudras ( hand gestures ) for mediations or, during asanas which has ability to activate dormant energy in your body, enliven your personal prana ( breath ). 

For each personalised session, I include 15 minutes where we might incorporate Yin or restorative poses, longer breathing techniques, meditation or Savasana.

Whatever your body or mind needs the most on that day. That’s the beauty of booking one-to-one yoga sessions.

Julia with a yoga student

Yoga Packages

You can book a single yoga session or a package of sessions. One drop-in personalised yoga session lasts for 65 minutes and costs from £49. A package of six sessions costs from £275; a package of 12 sessions costs from £530. Open to discuss couples personalised yoga sessions. 

One-to-one sessions are held online and in-studio. Face-to-face sessions are held in the studio at Bedford Heights, where I also teach group classes. In addition, I offer hybrid packages with a mix of online and studio sessions to suit your personalised needs. For these sessions, there’s an additional fee for hiring the studio.

If this personalised approach sounds good to you, why not get in touch to discuss your needs and book your personalised sessions?

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