Online and Studio Group Yoga Classes

You may have lots of yoga experience – or be at the very beginning of your yoga journey. That’s why I offer a variety of group classes, so there’s a session to suit your level.

I run a mix of online and studio classes, making it easier for everyone to join in.

Studio Classes at Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights

To target your specific health and wellness goals, I teach a range of yoga styles and techniques. If you need support to relieve some tension, then my Somatic and Restorative classes will help. They focus on deep breathing, relaxation and introspection.

For those wishing to feel stronger and more supple, I’ll teach you Hatha techniques to improve your strength and flexibility. When your movement feels limited and you need to slow things down, sessions with Yin poses improve your joints’ mobility and bring a meditative outcome. For more  experienced students, I offer Vinyasa flow, creative style online.

You have a choice of drop-in class, 8 Class Pass, Monthly Online or Monthly Hybrid Unlimited ( includes all the classes online and in-studio + recordings. )

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Stretch, Strengthen & Restore on Mondays at 17:30 – 60 mins practise

Join me in my Stretch, Strengthen and Restore class to focus on stretching, building strength and breath work – to restore your energy and balance your body.

What can you expect?

The first half is all about stretching your entire body. The postures we’ll use are designed to improve your flexibility and range of motion and increase your muscular strength. The second half slows you right down, with the Yin meditative style of yoga. We’ll practise long, passive holds in poses, and focus on breathing. Supporting the body using yoga props, it releases tensions found deep in our connective tissues.

Who will this class benefit?

It’s great for sporty types such as runners and tennis players – and anyone who’d like to increase their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination or improve their state of mind. All levels of experience are welcome.

Studio Class – Somatic Restorative Immersion on Fridays at 18:30 – 65 mins

Online Class – Unwind & Reset: Yin & Restorative – Thursdays at 18:30 – 60mins

Ready to reconnect with yourself? Awaken your senses and strengthen the relationship with your own body in my Somatic Restorative Immersion class. You’ll find this session relaxing, mindful and nurturing. These classes are like coming home to yourself again..

What can you expect?

This class uses Somatic yoga. It helps retrain the brain and nervous system to let go of old patterns through gentle, slow movements. Somatic yoga is about sensing through movement, so we’ll focus on stillness with restful poses. We’ll hold each one for around 10 minutes, supported by props, to create a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Who will this class benefit?

Whether you practise regularly or are a complete yoga beginner, you’ll gain something from this class. It’s useful for anyone who’s gone through trauma, is struggling with physical pain and stiffness after injury, or has a chronic health condition. If you’re always on the go and need time to balance that out with a little quietness, this class will help. More you practice Restorative, you can re-gain energy and build inner strength.

What should I bring?

We use a number of props; to support your body and keep yourself comfortable, you can bring two blankets, a cushion, a yoga bolster and an eye pillow.

People practice yoga in a studio, performing a resting pose on mats with some using props like cushions and blocks. The room is well-lit with mirrors on the wall and has a relaxed atmosphere.
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Sundays Gentle Yoga at 10:00 – 60 mins practise

(Takes place in the park during summer) 

Start Sunday at a calmer, slower pace with this yoga session and connect to your own unique being. Gentle yoga is relaxing, relieves stress, increases flexibility and calms the mind. It helps to enhance your range of motion.

What can you expect?

This class gives you a deep nourishment for your mind, body and soul through slow movements. It involves gentle breath work, making time for meditation and relaxation.

Who will this class benefit?

Suitable for all abilities, this class benefits anyone who needs a mindful and relaxing yoga session. It’s a great starting point if you’re completely new to yoga.

Come and try a mindful yoga class

Online Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 07:30 – 45 mins & Saturday at 08:00 – 45 mins

Get ready to really wake up! Using slow-flow movements in a Vinyasa style, my online classes connect breathing and movement in a dynamic way that gets the day off to a good start.

What can you expect?

We’ll start with a bit of stretching, focusing on one particular part of the body. Then we’ll perform a few Sun Salutations, which are poses harmonised with your breathing. These can be modified to suit your level, so you can enjoy yoga at your own pace. Following this, we’ll do a mix of core-strengthening standing and balancing poses – known as asanas – to build heat and strength all over the body.

Who will this class benefit?

Suitable for all abilities, this benefits anyone who needs energising.

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Are you ready to start your Healthy Living & Longevity journey?