Yoga Classes in Bedford & Online

Yoga has many benefits – some you may be aware of, and many you may not be. It helps increase flexibility and balance. But yoga gives us so much more, as it improves strength and muscle tone, as well as breathing, energy and vitality. It’s also good for our cardiovascular health and metabolism, helping with longevity.

For those of you who are already active, it helps increase your athletic abilities and protects you from injuries and strains. And it’s not just physical fitness.

Yoga’s meditative qualities can improve mental health too, so daily stresses are easier to handle.

Whatever you’re looking to improve or get help with, yoga can offer a path forward. Whether you’re getting into sports, need to boost your energy levels, or simply want more freedom of movement, yoga is there for you.

I believe everyone can benefit from yoga, no matter what your age, shape or experience is. The great thing about yoga is that it doesn’t judge. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, yoga helps and connects us all.

Why not join me on the mat at one of my online, studio or one-to-one classes?

Come and try a mindful yoga class

Group Online and Studio Classes

You may have lots of yoga experience – or be at the very beginning of your yoga journey. That’s why I offer a variety of group classes, so there’s a session to suit your level. I run a mix of online and studio classes, making it easier for everyone to join in.

A group of people doing yoga in at Verve Studio.
Julia and a student practice yoga in Bedford Park

One to One Personalised Yoga Sessions

Originally, yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis. Although group classes are popular today and loved by many, they don’t suit everyone. With one-to-one sessions, I can tailor yoga techniques to meet your exact needs.

Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops are a great way to break down certain concepts, postures ( asanas ) and themes. Join 2-hour workshop to deepen your learning.

a group of people doing yoga in a room.

Are you ready to start your Healthy Living & Longevity journey?