Healthy Living Programme: Nutritional Recipes and Yoga for Alison’s 12-week Wellness Journey 

Welcome to the Healthy Living Programme, tailored specifically for Alison’s wellness goals.

Explore a collection of nourishing recipes designed to enhance your gut health, boost mitochondrial function, and reduce inflammation. Discover easy-to-follow meals that will energize your body and calm your mind. Enhance your wellness journey with soothing yoga videos tailored to promote relaxation and vitality. Embrace a holistic approach to healthy living with this programme, where nutritious eating and rejuvenating yoga practices come together to support your weight loss and overall well-being.

Summer Cooling Practice for better Sleep – 24mins

This short practice to practice before bed, to enhance your better sleep. Beginnig with a cooling pranayama – Sitali’, follow by few hip movements, supine twists to release the tension throguhout the bdoy and the long working day, discomfort and heat from the body.

Prepare: yoga mat and a cushion.

Connect to your Inner Listening – 18mins practice

Let’s get you comfortable and, begin with Nodi Shodhana Pranayam ( alternative nostril breathing ), encouraging you to open the flow into the energetic channels ( nadis ). To balance the right and left hemisphere, to calm the nervous system and, to connect to your inner self.

Connect to your inner listening and, allow a receptivity to what your emotional body needs right now. Let this practice, on this July New Moon to be the fresh start… Fresh start to something beautiful, meaningful and healthy.

Prepare: 2 cushions, bolster and a blanket.

Your Agni – your Inner Fire – 36mins practice

The practice is divided into 2 parts, 18mins each – which can be practice together or separately.

The first 18 mins is all about to ignite your agni – your energetic fire from within through standing, dynamic poses. The second half, is on the floor in a horizontal position lying down. Both are supported with the wall.

May your morning be fuelled with a vibrant energy and, more calming one from the second half of the practice.

Prepare: a cushion and blanket.

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