5 ways to support yourself before Christmas

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How do you support yourself before Christmas?

Just got back from a long walk in the Clapham Woods woodlands, and came back exhilarating feeling and 11,000 steps in my fitbit. The Sun was glorious and I enjoyed every moment of it. And, memory took me back last week trip to Malvern Hills, where we walked all the way to the highest peak of Worcestershire – Worcester Beacon.

In November, I started thinking of how to support myself more – mentally, physically, emotionally better than last year, throughout December, during Festive period and also, upcoming winter months. And, as well as, thinking of you and how I can support you too with things, ways that you find your solace, support, a sense of calm, and re-energise yourself so you can have enough energy to get you through December month.

So I booked myself to Day Spa at Woburn Spa. It was unexpectedly amazing. If you like to head to Woburn Spa, Fridays would be the best day as it is change over on accommodations and will not fell overcrowded. I have also added extra walking in a day since I returned from Malvern Hills. My indoors supports, I added massaging oils, and aromatherapy oils from Neal’s Yard, Minimalco – check this lovely, vegan handmade products made in Bedford.

Cooking warming food like Spicy curry and Dhals to keep me warm from inside out. Also added breathing techniques for first 10mins and 10mins in Savasana for each class in December ( in all 1 hour classes which I usually offer in evening. ) In morning 45mins classes, the breathing techniques and relaxation pose shortens to 5mins but, we still keep focus on it throughout this month. Check my class schedule in December. 

Plus, I created 5 VIDEOS for YOU! 5 Days 5 different poses to experience rest and breath awareness in Stillness and Silence throughout in December. Because you deserve to feel relaxed throughout the Festive Season.

Cultivate more balance, create a sense of calmness within yourself and feel more supported physically, mentally, emotionally with these 5 things or 5 ways of a support.

5 ways to support yourself before Christmas

I always strive for balance. Don’t we all? I like combination between outside activities and indoor relaxation and dynamic yoga but, in December this year, I switched to calming Yoga instead. Watch my video, join my classes.

  • Walk in Nature
  • Aromatherapy Oils and Candles, Scents, Potions, Sleeping sprays
  • Allow Breath Awareness in a day
  • Nutritional Food
  • A Day Spa or Relaxing Massage

Nutrition Food – Vegan Tofu Spicy Curry – love this warming dish. Go and check it out the recipe. Here is the link. 

Walk in Nature to the Worcester Beacon 1,394fit

a person standing on top of a grass covered hill.

Walking towards the highest peak in Malvern Hills – Worcester Beacon felt comforting, so scenic, and totally magical. With a glorious sunshine on that day, magical scenery on the hills, the experience could not get any better. New article emerged in the Guardian in the last few days. Check it out, here is the link. Seeking solace in the hills: why Malverns are perfect for walking.

My Minimalco Rituals, Minimalco Mindfulness Candle Scent

a bottle of essential oil next to a candle.

A scents of heaven, hand made, vegan friendly, made in Bedford – check My Minimalco products here. A perfect scent support if you are into scents. Also, check out Essential oil botanical reed diffusers.  Click to this link to transfers you to directly to Minimalco products.  

You deserve to feel relaxed throughout December

a woman sitting on a yoga mat in a room.

I am offering you to practice in Silence and Stillness to support you throughout December to bring more calmness within yourself as you allow extra stillness for yourself and clear the external chatter and bring awareness to your inner world of your beautiful, joyful self. Explore within these 5 poses in 5 Videos over 5 Days. Click here to see all 5 videos.  Don’t stop after 5 Days, continue anytime during this month and even join me for a longer practice. One longer one is coming up.

One longer one is coming up, join me for Pre-Christmas Unwind Restore Session on Sunday 12th December at 5.30pm. Book yourself in, come relax with me. Come and breath with. Once you book, zoom link will be sent to you directly into your inbox. Click on the link to secure your place. -> Pre-Christmas Unwind Restorative Session – Sunday 12th December. See more details and how to book.  

Till soon…

A lots of love, support

Julia xx

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