Boost your well-being with adaptogenic coffee.

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Do you relish your daily coffee ritual? Reflect for a moment on how long you’ve been enjoying this comforting habit. But have you ever felt that sudden slump after a caffeine surge?

Let me share my experience first.

I’ve been a coffee enthusiast for over 30 years, rarely missing a day. However, recently, I’ve noticed some drawbacks. After a strong espresso or cappuccino, I often feel a rapid crash. This leads to more frequent headaches, an unexpected hunger surge, and even excessive sweating, especially last year. These unpleasant side effects made me consider quitting my usual two oat flat whites a day.

Boost your well-being with adaptogenic coffee.

That’s when I discovered adaptogenic coffees, specifically the London Nootropics blends, in September 2023. These coffee blends are infused with adaptogens, natural substances that help your body cope with stress, maintain balance, and enhance cognitive function. They work wonders in harmonizing your hormonal and nervous systems, boosting energy, focus, and overall well-being.

London Nootropics with adaptogens.

London Nootropics offers three unique blends: Flow, Mojo, and Zen, each packaged in convenient sachets. These blends are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, whether you’re at work, traveling, or just need an uplifting cup any time of day. Their high-quality, natural adaptogens keep you alert and focused, improve endurance, and bring a sense of calm without the caffeine crash.

I begin my day with NOOTROPICS MOJO’ coffee enriched with Cordyceps mushroom & Siberian Ginseng. Mostly mornings, I teach yoga or go out for a run. Cordyceps & Siberian Ginseng – is overall energy enhancer. Helps me to increase my energy levels, improves my physical endurance. It also supports respiratory health and, has an immune-boosting properties.

Eaarly afternoon, usually after Lunch, when I want to stay alert, I switch to NOOTROPICS FLOW’ coffee – which contains Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola. Lion’s mane mushroom is known to improve nerve development and function, improves cognitive and heart health. It also seems to help protect the lining in the stomach. This coffee blend of both Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola boosts your alertness, and mental clarity. Rhodiola is also known for boosting your serotonin levels. ( Serotonin is considered your mood stabiliser. Serotonin is a natural chemical the intestines and brain produce. It helps send messages between nerve cells and affects mood, emotions, and digestion.)

Later afternoon in a day, I choose NOOTROPICS ZEN’ coffee. With the blend of CBD & Ashwagandha it’s a super blend that promotes a sense of peace and calmness. CBD & Ashwagandha, renowned for its stress-relieving properties. Normalizes cortisol levels, which reduces the stress response. My afternoon is smooth and stress-free.

Boost your well-being with a box containing three different types of adaptogenic coffee.

Incorporating these adaptogenic coffees into your routine could be a game-changer for your health and well-being. Start with a half sachet if you’re on medication, gradually increasing to a full sachet as your body adjusts. And if you have any concerns, especially regarding medication interactions, feel free to consult your doctor, a nutritionist, or me, as your Naturopathic Health Coach. I offer 20mins consultation. Book yourself here. 

To encourage you to try this healthier coffee alternative, use the code: juliakhealthyliving at checkout for a 15% discount on your purchase at London Nootropics.

Embrace this journey towards a calmer, stronger, and more alert you with a cup of adaptogenic coffee.

With warmth of coffee, calmness,

Julia xx

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