Find a joy and happiness in lockdown

by | May 6, 2020 | Yoga & Mindfulness

It’s been a while ago since I began this blog post. The veggies are bigger, taller and brighter, slowly getting into my new positive habits ( meditation especially ) and, I have a routine now which makes me smile. It’s first time in my life, I feel I am not in hurry or guilty of not creating enough time for “it.” I am taking one day at the time, I ( we ) eat plant-based healthy 3x times a day – all cooked from the scratch and organic as much as possible. Whatever I cook I am never in hurry – which is a bonus – everything taste better when you are not in hurry. I yoga more 🙂 , I began daily meditation ( keep eye on posts about it ), growing veggies becoming a thing in the house. As well as vegan baking.

Find a joy in everything you choose to do in your life especially now, during the lockdown. Create new habits so you enriched your life with something positive once this is all over.

Find a joy and happiness in lockdown

We have finally no where to rush, we can appreciate small things during the day, we can create new habits(s) and, learn, listen and practice more…

Practice more whatever you decide to do; yoga, learning new skills, – the internet world is your oyster. Listen more to your loved one and listen to nature. New habits and positive routine that works for you, for your body and mind.

The small things, small positive habits can have the biggest impact in your life. On your mood. On your energy level. Your attitude.

Here are my joys which fills me with happiness on daily basis in lockdown:

  • growing things in the garden – herbs and veggies – slowly becoming sustainable household. Chillies are looking really well. Once you find a space at home, don’t move them. Keep them and create a space so they can grow. We have chillies and basil like each other. Once tomatoes will be out in the garden, we will place basil next to tomatoes apparently they grow well together and enhance each other. Today, I got small plants – purple broccoli – s0 excited about those. Seeing lettuces coming up. We are still waiting for radishes to arrive and beetroots…

three potted plants sitting on a window sill.

  • listen more music – meditative, chill out, sound of the nature, Self love healing music – positive aura cleanse. Check this healing music out –
  • sipping a coffee slowly – as I am coffoholic this ritual I definitely explore more than once a day. How much coffee I like depends what time of the day it is. How much oat milk I like whether it is warm or cold. Do I like small coffee mug or large. There is a so much thought going into my daily making a simple a cup of coffee. Where would like to sit with my cuppa; in the garden, living room or yoga room? Choices, choices…
  • create space in the garden – where you can spend more time in these warm months – listening the birds, sounds of the wind, starring in the clouds, watching the stars, enjoying ‘me time’ or “for you two time” moments. Create a space for a table for 2 for romantic dinners with your other half. Your new restaurant is found and name it. Only eat there few times per week and dress up so it feel special.
  • experiment in cooking – what would I do without cooking? Never bored of it. So much joy to know what is going into your own dish. Did you know that kids enjoy eating food more if they are helping you the prep.?  Cooking has a therapeutic benefits. Cooking is a such therapy as encourages a creativity. Also, by cooking your own food, you know what you are adding and you will feel good about yourself because you will feel you are nurturing yourself. I love preparing food, cooking from the scratch, eating totally organic. My grandma Julia and my mum Anna taught me a dish or two over the years. When growing up there wasn’t read-made-food you can buy and, now I am kind of glad that it wasn’t. I promise I will share more…  Here is a picture of spring salad – quick and easy to make. More dishes, food, on my new instagram FOOD page – click here to 116 natural kitchen to see more.

a plate of food that includes beets, onions, and parsley.

  • allowing time for mindful eating – enjoy a food and only food without any stimulation of phones or computers. Enjoy the flavours, textures. There are many healthy benefits when the food is enjoyed to its fullest.
  • longer walks close by in parks and woodlands ( without driving ) – you don’t have to drive for walks. I totally hear you – variety we need but we also need to calm this virus down. So do go to the same close by park and take a different route. You might be surprise what you can find. We found Clapham Park so close to us and walking distance. To get there you have to walk through Park Wood, local nature reserve where has diverse habitats and magical Orchards.

a woman is running in a grassy field.

  • Try a short version of run – and, will go again. 4 years of absence. My lower back does not like it but I run slow and short distances and a lots of yoga afterwards so this time.
  • cultivate silence at least 5 mins per day – usually before yoga teaching/ before yoga practice, my eyes would normally be closed and focusing on the day or sometimes simply enjoying a stillness before teaching. I have now started meditation daily. Sometimes I find myself 10mins and sometimes 20mins.

a woman sitting on a yoga mat in a room.

  • allow a long bath with candles and listen the relaxing music ( turn your phone off during ) – a long bath with aromatherapy oils of your preferences could be a such wonderful way to relax and switch off. Or, using massaging oil afterwards. My favorite oil is – Neal’s Yard – Geranium & Orange Massage Oil. Nourishing and uplifting at the same time.
  • read a book. Or, books. I have bought 3x books recently of Ayurveda so as my Day Yoga Retreat has been postponed to 12th September, come and join to know more about Ayurveda. It will be very small crowd. Here are the other 3 new books in our household. “Veg in one bed” – all about how to grow your veggies. “Homemade vegan pantry” – great recipes like vegan butter – totally delicious. And, “The Sourdough school” – this hone was more planning than doing. More ingredients and equipment needing to be ordered before baking it.

a stack of books sitting on top of a table.

  • 5 Minutes to a Mindful You – a guided journal for a self-reflection – 5 minutes to Mindful You journal you received it from me if you came to my January 2020 Yoga Day Retreat at Tofte Manor. How are you doing in filling your pages? I promise I did not know then that we will be in a lockdown few months later. I was pleased when I found it. Journalling and spending few mindful moments in a day is super helpful. I am hoping you are creating a space for this journal in your life and enjoying your “5 mins Mindful You time.”
  • yoga, yoga and more yoga… – whether you are beginner or with some experience, yoga is a wonderful way to help you in this lockdown. Yoga will support you physically, mentally and emotionally. So come and try a class with me, just the way you are. Accept the way your body feels at present moment once you step on the mat and, let the teacher guides you. And, let your body guides you too, most importantly. Yoga is a journey to enjoy it… rather than a goal. Every day on the mat, you might learn something new. The yoga journey is endless discovery. Check my YOGA instagram page for more yoga poses and all related to yoga.  

a person sitting on a yoga mat in a room.

  • online course with Janet Stone – I enrolled for an online course Energetic Alignment with Janet Stone. She is a such an inspiration. This could be 6-months or more of learning materials or more… well, learning never stops, I will always be a student. I can see myself 80 and still going… 🙂 So get ready  yogis!

There are many other things which will make you happy, rock your boat in your day so do what make your soul happy. So when you got to bed at the end of each day, you’ll say to yourself ( silently – I had a good day ) – I had really good day today. And, not because it was sunny – which saying that – I felt much better for it – 30mins on the sun daily can give you a super vitamin d boost + serotonin boost so yes, do go for it too.

So please find a joy in your day and, keep active and calm.

A lots of love, strength and inner peace,

Julia xx

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