Gratitude is a positive emotion

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It’s a dark on Saturday afternoon, rainy outside which to be expected in November, I am typing on my new apple mac, enjoying the keyboard, preparing for Sunday yoga and, at the same time, I am thinking of my gratitude list. November month has a special closeness to my heart, maybe because I was born in this month. It is a month to express that extra appreciation what I have, not taking things for granted ( having a place to live and calling it a home, delicious food on the table daily, clean water to drink, having a friends and family close by, etc.. The list is endless… ), feeling grateful and, to fill myself with a gratitude mantras to create more positive emotions and a sense of well-being.

” I think gratitude is a big thing. It puts you in a place where you’re humble. “ ~ Andra Day

There is a magic of Autumn in the air and, a time of the year to re-think of what we are thankful for in our lives. Those special moments we can filled ourselves with people we love and appreciate – family, friends, colleagues, students, teachers, coaches and anyone who is dear to us. Those who support you, encourage you. To appreciate moments like someone makes you a cup of tea or cook a wonderful dinner for you or tells you something lovely about yourself that lifts your mood. Could be something so simple and yet a quite significant to feel a positive again.

Gratitude is a positive emotion

Gratitude is a positive emotion that involves being thankful and appreciative and is associated with several mental and physical health benefits.

It wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t always filled with a warm feeling close to my heart. Wasn’t practicing gratitude, I was focusing what I did not have. I felt lost, unhappy and restless. Always on go.. to look for something or someone to fill my day, to make my day exciting. I don’t look nor don’t spend time thinking what I don’t have anymore. It’s a relief. Does it come with an age? Maybe but, you could feel a sense of appreciation anytime, at any age. Start earlier, you have fuller life longer. Don’t take anything for granted and, appreciate each moment as it comes.

I wish I was introduced to yoga when I was in my 20’s. Yet, I am grateful I found you – yoga and, you are in my life. And, that I teach yoga and supporting my students on their own yoga journey.

Appreciation for your body and your breath

For those who would like to practice gratitude on the mat with me and other beautiful souls ( yoga students ), in November, I will be in the studio ( Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights ) teaching mindful gentle yoga ( including some stretch, strength and restore ) on Sunday mornings, Monday and Friday evenings. ( Online also available ) Check the full class schedule and book yourself in –

A quote that I have been reading to my students last week on the classes.

” When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. “ ~ Willie Nelson ~

Give yourself 5 minutes today to write what are you grateful for today. Fill your heart with all of your blessings and remind yourself daily how lucky you are.

I am grateful, you are here and reading this. May your day be a full of gratefulness.

With all my love and blessings

Julia xx

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