Honey Roasted Beetroot and Carrots, Lentils with French Beans and Radicchio

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What am I looking for in a dish? Lightness, nutrition, colours and flavours. Mainly hot dishes in Autumn/Winter.

This lunch which I am sharing with you, wasn’t much planned but sort of put-together lunch whatever I have found it in the fridge. It turned up to be super delicious, with a lots of flavours and a full of nutrients. It does help when receive weekly veg box from Riverford.

This dish, can be as complimentary to any of your favorite meat. We eat mainly plant based but, once a week we have a some sort of treat of fish. The creativity of these veggies and how we can serve them are endless.

Honey Roasted Beetroot and Carrots, Lentils with French Beans and Radicchio

A little bit of planning needed for this dish as these veggies requires separate cooking and then bring all  flavours together. So you will need 2 small oven trays for carrots and separate for beetroots. Then, 2 pans – one for beans and, one for lentils. Time yourself for each vegetable so you don’t get cold one veg because you need to wait for other to finish cooking.

What you need for 2 people serving

  • 2 big beetroots Riverford
  • 6 medium sized carrots Riverford
  • 1 small cup of green speckled lentils ( french style )
  • handful french beans ( around 20 ) – Riverford
  • 4 big leaves of radicchio – Riverford
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tsp dry fennel
  • 1 small fresh chilli
  • 1 tbsp vegan butter – Naturli Organic Butter
  • sea salt + fresh ground black pepper
  • drizzle Olive oil

How to Cook Green Lentils – Love Lentils! To me, they beautifully replace a meat if you ready to give a try. They are sort of meaty flavour. Add a touch of sea salt while cooking them.. My ratio is 1 cup of lentils and 1 1/2 hour warm water. Lid on the top of the small pan and once boiled, turn to down for slow cooking. On induction, once bring to boiled, turn down to n4. so you don’t overcooked the lentils. So they don’t get mashed but cooked with a texture. 20mins cooking time. Keep it extra 5mins with a lid on before serving.

How to Roast Beetroots – Firstly, I cook Beetroots to soft them a bit. Then, place them on the small oven tray, add a bit of honey and olive oil and place them in the middle in the oven in 180C for about 25 mins if you like a al-dente.

How to Roast Carrots – After peeling carrots, cut them in the half or quarters and add dry fennel, drizzle of olive oil and touch of honey. 15 mins on 180C will do.

How to Cook French Beans – you don’t want to overcooked beans. You don’t want to feel mushy flavours. More al-dente , more vitamins sustain in them. 10-12mins max in higher setting once boiling.

How to serve Radicchio – wash them well, separate leaves and ready to eat.

Create your own dressing. You need: You can add less or more of maple syrup depends on your palette if you prefer sweeter taste. Stir all ingredients in a small mug with small spoon and pour it on top of your dish. As simple as that. Don’t blend it. Just stir it.

  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 1/2 tbsp maple syrup
  • sprinkle of seas salt and fresh black pepper
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Once all your veggies cooked to your perfection, add them to a big bowl where you can mix them all together for all flavours, adding the dressing. too On this occasion, I have mixed only beans with lentils and, the rest placed separately on the bigger plate where we served from.

And, so you know what nutrients you consuming, here are the benefits. Beetroots are – a full of vitamin C, fibre, manganese, potatoes and iron. Carrots – Vitamin A and beta-carotene, Calcium and vitamin K ( Vitamin K supports with absorption of vitamin D.) French beans – Vital nutrients , vitamin C , flavanoids, Vitamin A. and antioxidant which plays a big role in anti-ageing. Green lentils – helps with digestions , lower cholesterol, includes Potassium, folate and Iron. Radicchio – a full of Vitamin K, good source of fibre and a full of antioxidants.

At home, majority of our grains, coconut flakes, nuts, porridge, many other things come from The Whole Foods Online. Here is the link. We have been buying from them over a year now, sometimes there is a deal and sometimes they add something over certain amount bought. Here is the link to Riverford Organic Farmers and, green speckled lentils Buywholewfoofdonline.co.uk

Let me know how you manage the dish. Always good to hear from other passionate cook.

Enjoy and will be posting more from all the Autumn colours and flavours.

Enjoy and, as we say in Slovakia – Dobru chut.

Are you ready to start your Healthy Living & Longevity journey?