Resolve to Evolve Yoga and Mindfulness Yoga Retreats – January 2020

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What a beginning of 2020. Who knew that January month can be so exciting?!

Resolve to Evolve Yoga and Mindfulness Day Retreat at Tofte Manor

Both days, 11th and 25th January, were equally unique. Two separate days with all those who attended and shared their time and positive energy. Arrived with an open-minded, created a space for healing, space for a contemplation, new connection, space to re-connect to the energy, space for stillness, tranquility, purpose and a space for one own light to shine through. And, seeing all with a joy to totally immersed themselves in a full day of Yoga and Mindfulness at the peaceful location of the Tofte Manor, Bedfordshire. 

The itinerary of both days were filled with a mixture of creative yoga flow, energising breathing techniques, new year yin yoga with Caroline Alexander, restorative yoga with Carly Slade – MoonForrestFlow, meditative walk through magical Labyrinth, reading an inspiring journal book and meditating in the magical Sanctuary room located in the woods. Walks around the beautiful grounds of the Tofte Manor and we finished off the day with a half hour of Yoga Nidra. And, we should not forget the tasty plant based lunch together on both days.

Here are few pictures, the highlights from both days.

The Crystal Room

a white door sitting in front of a stone building.

Before we immersed ourselves into yoga, there was an intro talk and goodie bags for all. We began with dynamic morning 2-hour yoga to wake up our body and mind and, to explore the layers of our body and soul to find inner core of goodness. The 5 Koshas – The 5 layers of our being.

a group of people sitting in a room on yoga mats.

Sekmet & Ptah Cottage & Orion & Sirius – Lunch place

a group of people sitting around a table eating food.

The moments at the table where we enjoyed the lunch together. I believe mindful eating is as important as yoga practice itself including a lifestyle we choose for our well-being. But, more about right eating, lifestyle choices, etc… – in my next Spring Day Retreat. There is a link at the end of this page if you want to learn more – the Ayurvedic way.

Plant based Lunch Retreat Menu

Here is a sample lunch menu from one of the day.

“ One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. “ ~ Virginia Woolf

Vegan – Vg   Vegetarian – V   Gluten Free – GF

Dips & Nibbles (Vg)

Organic Celery, Cucumber 

❤ Original Mediterranean Hummus inspired 

❤ Oat Super Seeded with Chia Seeds Crackers 

❤ Grapes, Blueberries, Organic Apples

A Soup of the Day (Vg) (GF)

Cavolo Nero and Spinach Soup topped up ( with Crushed Hazelnuts & Oat Cream optional ) 

Main Today’s Dishes (Vg) (GF)

Spicy Green Lentils and Spinach Curry with Roasted Sweet Potatoes ( topped with Cucumber, Coconut Cream and Fresh Coriander optional ) 

❤ Lentil Fusilli with Roasted Zucchini and Sweet Bites Organic Bell Peppers with Green Pesto sauce, Fresh Basil 

Green Vegetables Stir Fry (Vg) (GF)

Broccoli Calabrese, Kale, Mange Tout, Green Beans with Pumpkin Seeds, Fresh Mixed Chillies, Ginger, Garlic and Ground Black Pepper

Organic Feta & Pomegranate Salad (Vg)

Strong Peppery Rocket Italian Salad Leaf, Pomegranate with Walnuts and Balsamic Vinegar 

( Feta Cheese Optional ) 

Desserts (Vg) (GF)

Cocoa Brownie with Hot Roasted Plums and Apricots; sprinkled Almond Flakes and Oat Cream 

Energy Balls (Vg) (GF)

Coconut, Goji Berries, Matcha and Pistachio Energy Balls 


Pukka Tea selections, Black Tea and Costa Rican Coffee ( Oat Milk available ) 

❤ Pure, Energised Potent Water from the Labyrinth 

Thank you to Katherine and Chris for all those delicious dishes and looking after us during the lunch hour. ❤️

Namaste.  कृतज्ञोऽस्मि/कृतज्ञास्मि

At The Magical Labyrinth

a group of people standing in a circle in a park.

After a tasty lunch, Suzy Castleman, the owner of the house gave us a talk about the history of the Labyrinth of Sacred Union.

Listening from inspiring Suzy how it all began. Seeing pictures how it was built, the design of the Labyrinth which is identical to Chartres Labyrinth in France dated back to 1200 and inspiration behind it. How many tests of water has been done and sent to Hado Life Laboratory of Professor Maseru Emoto who written many books on water and its energy. Truly fascinating.  The water which runs under the Labyrinth at Tofte Manor has a star shape – hexagonal shape which represent the purest, potent, energised water.

Labyrinth which holds a long history of peace and inspiration. Great for contemplation and creative thinking. Walking through Labyrinth creates balance in the body and brings the peace and clarity in the mind. The ancient saying that in Maze you loose yourself, in Labyrinth, you find yourself.

So after the talk, we walked through the Labyrinth. You enter to your left, then walk to your right, left again and right and you keep going till you reach the middle of the Labyrinth – where the celestial smoky quarts crystal is placed. It was a magical moment when we all chanted OM three times together. For the past, present and the future. We all felt this vibrational energy under our feet and stayed there to enjoy the moment for a while. It was special and, I felt we were all so connected with each other. A moment and, the day to treasure.

Sanctuary in the Woods

a small gray building sitting in the middle of a forest.

Sanctuary is hidden in the woods of Tofte Manor grounds – which close to the Labyrinth and, is in a hexagonal shape, sacred geometrical shapes – which signifies a balance and harmony.

After our Labyrinth walk, we settled in the Sanctuary room, just before the sunset. There was an hour of Yin, Restorative yoga, then we read through the Journal and we meditated on our intention for the year. We also moved through creative flow where at one point, we all held each other in the circle. I felt some sort of vibration in the room and, the lights which hangs from the ceiling ( star shape ) gone off and on, then off and on again. It was a magical, universal connection that we experienced. It was really special.

We have finished the retreat with a half hour of Yoga Nidra in a stillness, in a super-deluxe Savasana. Both days are in the diary to truly remember.

an overhead view of a ceiling in a building.

I am now preparing for another Day Retreat – Ayurveda Spring Awakening Yoga Retreat being held in the Tofte Manor. I have 2 more spaces left. Not to be missed. Book yourself in or get in touch if you have any questions.

Planning 4 days Yoga Retreat in Europe later this year, do sign up for my monthly newsletter and keep eye on where and when.

Can’t wait to welcome you on one of my Retreat.

Let’s get this Yoga Decade rolling….

Love, light and kindest,


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