Simple Pranayama technique to boost your Immune system

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Yoga & Mindfulness

As Coronavirus spreads across the globe, one way to beat it is to stay strong, look after yourself, wash your hands at all times and boost immune system.

Simple Pranayama reduces the stress levels and boost immune system. Through Pranayama we control and if our focus goes onto breathing to elongate the inhalations and exhalations, it will really help to improve nervous system. Mindful breathing provides more oxygen in our blood and the anxiety levels begin to decrease.

Let’s start with simple breathing instruction which you can do anywhere, anytime – at home before work, during work or lunch time or, before sleep. You choose how much time you would like to spare for this simple Pranayama. I would say 2 mins is a good start and increase to 5-10mins. But sometimes even 10 breaths ( appx. 2 mins of 10x inhalations and exhalations will give you a benefit ). Make sure you practice mindful breathing, stay present, focus on your breath only for the duration.

Simple Pranayama technique boost your immune system

Find a peaceful place and moment to sit comfortable on the meditation cushion or a chair. Make sure your body is in a comfortable place.If you feel lying down is more relaxing, go ahead and lie down on your back. Bent your knees feet flat on the floor with hip distance apart as it feels more supportive. ( as on the picture n.3. )

a woman sitting on a yoga mat in front of a window. a woman sitting on a chair in front of a window. a woman laying on a yoga mat in front of a window.

Once you found your comfortable place; siting or lying down, place your right hand or both hands on to the abdomen. Begin to put all of your attention to your breath, notice only the movement of the body without changing anything. Observe breath for about 3 breaths. Then, as you inhale, let the abdomen naturally expands and see the hand feel rising with that breath. As you exhale, feel the slight contraction of the abdomen. If that contraction of your abdomen is not happening, see if you can gently consciously contract it and feel as your hand falls with your abdomen simultaneously.

Try to actively expand your abdomen on the inhale and contract the abdomen on the exhale to support natural movement of the diaphragm and experience a giving yourself a full, relaxed, calmed breath. Continue to practice for about 8-10 breaths or even more…

You can use Ujjaji Breath – whispering breath or oceanic breath, a soft breath which you might also heard as Victorious breath, which really enhance the practice. More about it, in the next blog.

Enjoy and do let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers to calmness and self-awareness with each mindful Pranayama.

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