Supported Headstand – Sirsasana

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Your body. Your Inversion. Your Sirsasana.

Your body. Your headstand. Take your time and enjoy the journey towards it. Do not rush it. Listen to your body, it will whisper to you when is ready. And, with a right professional yoga teacher that you trust, you’ll be flying and enjoying all the health benefits of Inversions that comes with it. Great for building confidence, increase circulation and flow in the lymphs, as lymphatic system is the key part to your immune system. Inversions build strong core and upper body strength. Forces you to focus and provides new perspective. What not to like?

Supported Headstand – Sirsasana

There is so much to think about before you get yourself upside down in Inversions especially in Sirsasana – Headstand. It took me some time, some years of practicing and, building an overall body strength ( upper body and core strength ). And, I was surprised when it finally happened. I was calm, I wasn’t rushing anywhere, I wasn’t focusing on a goal – goal of the headstand. I was actually focusing on breathing and what was happening in the moment. How I can calm my body and mind before I was ready to lift both of my legs to the wall.

Because nothing good comes from when we force asanas during practice or in our lives, in that matter. When you least expect it, these beautiful unexpected things just happen. Let the journey unfold itself.

Another variation of inverted yourself is to have have a wall behind you. Come to the wall and lift your tailbone up towards the sky into Dolphin pose – Ardha Pincha Mayurasana, with the wall behind you. Interlace your hands, palms on your head, thumbs spread away from each other. Your elbows will be shoulders-distance apart. Breathe for 5 breaths before start lifting your legs up. Press firmly your forearms towards the mat, engage your core muscles and, when ever you are ready, lift the legs up, aligning with the hips, parallel to the floor, hips above the shoulders. 5 breaths if that feels good. if you can’t lift, stay in your dolphin pose to build up the upper body strength. Just remind yourself, no where to rush.

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After few breaths when feet touching the wall, legs parallel to the yoga mat, and feeling strong as engaging your core muscles, pressing firmly with your forearms towards the mat again, inhale deep, then exhale and lift one leg at the time. Observe your sensations and how it feels to extend one leg towards the sky. Then, try the other leg to lift while supporting other on the wall. Or, both if you feel ready. Focus  on your breath, feeling calmness in the mind and lightness in the upper body.

a person doing a handstand on a yoga mat.

Before you attend a workshop as I believe Inversions like Headstands should be practice in workshop settings – at least 2 hours long, as there is enough time to warm up, strengthen particular muscles and, having a professional teacher close by that can help and lead you to your safe Inversion. Unless a headstand is in your daily practice.

Supported Headstand on Feet up as Support

I have had Feet up Support since 2018. It’s a wonderful prop to have. This Feet up Support is not just for Inversions, you can also practice many other yoga asanas and support yourself throughout. I use Yoga Matters for all my yoga props. Here is the link to Feet up Support, hope it serves you well and, you’ll have a fun with it. I am here if you would like a support with it initially, or One to One private yoga sessions. 

This last picture below which I am sharing with you including the featured picture is from May 2021. I still use and enjoy using Feet up Support because I get the same health benefits being upside down’ and, not worrying about my cervical spine to be compressed or, any neck injuries. Please don’t be alarmed when I say ‘neck injuries’. If you have good upper strength and using your core muscles, you are not letting the whole body weight on to your cervical spine, you will be fine. If you have started your regular practice recently, that’s great, I am so excited for you, but maybe you are not ready yet to Inversion of a full Sirsasana – Headstand without a prop. t is hard to say when you will be ready. Each student is different, depends how many times a week you allow your yoga practice, what your focus is on daily practice and, also what are your own life experiences before yoga. Whether there has been any injuries before starting your yoga or anything else. Be aware of that too. There is always a time for the upside down’ moment. Be mindful with your own body and, most of all be patient. Taking it slow, has it’s own beauty.

a woman doing a handstand on a yoga mat.

And, if you like to try a workshop with me, I have one coming up in midd of November. Full two hour workshop in-studio where I can be supportive, close by when needed.

Sunday 14th November 10:00 – 12:00 at Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights. Book yourself – Shift your perspective workshop and, get upside down with me! A long relaxing Savasana in included. Come and have a fun with us. We will use the wall and, Feet up Support prop so you don’t need to fear anything. I will be there to support you on your own journey.

Any questions about anything, I am always here for you. Get in touch.

Lots of love, support. Hope to see you on the mat.

Julia xx

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