Yoga for Glowing Skin

by | May 10, 2018 | Yoga & Mindfulness

Have you heard a such a thing? Yes, that is correct. It will help Your Skin-to-Glow and, would do even more. Your Soul and Skin will Sing and Glow.

Your Soul and Skin will Sing and Glow

It’s been over 15 years, since I entered make up industry and worked alongside beauty industry. I have learnt a quite a lot as good listener with curious personality. And, yes I kept asking questions too. I was lucky to work with inspiring ladies; Nikki Kinnard ( the founder, creator of Space NK ), Terry de Gunzburg ( owner and creative director of By Terry Cosmetics ), Caroline Hirons ( beauty influencer, international beauty expert and blogger ), Alex Box ( make up artist ), Anita Kaushal ( founder of Mauli Rituals Ayurvedic skincare and body care range ), etc… I would like to say I learnt a thing or two about the Skin.

I became to understand what skincare can do for you and what will not do for you. How much your skin can improve with a ‘suitable skincare’ and, some skincare will do nothing at all. And, how much other external factors will impact on your glowing skin or not so glowing.
Your daily TLC should include – exercises, nutrition and good thoughts. Your lifestyle plays a huge part on how healthy you look. How glowing your skin can be.

I am afraid to say; that even if you have the best, the most expensive moisturiser, recommended from very well known beauty blogger, it does not mean your skin will glow. Equally, I am not saying it might not be an effective skincare product, I am saying that might not be suitable for your skin type and your everyday life. It’s like when you see a beautiful dress on the website or shop window display but it might not be the best fit for you. It might not be suitable for you at all. Is the same with a skincare. We all have different DNA, we are all so different unique with a different lifestyle and, therefore we do require more personal approach.

Sometimes, you might need to change effective cleanser, add face mask or anti-ageing serum to your daily regime. Maybe,  your skincare is fine but, do want more skin glow. Yes, illuminators, skin enhancers will create glowing skin but what I applying here is; nutritional food and yoga will go deeper into the skin. Not just on the surface but much deeper.

So to sum it up, to feel and look healthy, there are many factors which are important to achieve our ultimate glowing skin, to create that perfect harmony.

So make a note of this – nutritional food, yoga but, ‘your suitable type of yoga’, meditation and suitable seasonal skincare to match is => Glowing Skin. And, healthy body, healthy mind.

Practicing yoga for as long as 7 years and, in the past year, with daily yoga practice, I could see tremendous benefits when we apply a consistency to our daily life. As anything else, consistency is a key. I would like to introduce you a couple of yoga poses here which will help you with to achieve Glowing Skin. There are many more Yoga poses which I would like share with you. Drop me a message for more info and your own Personalised Glowing Skin Yoga Sequences –

Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

Sasangasana ( Rabbit Pose )

a woman sitting on the floor in front of a sliding glass door.

This rabbit pose reminds us a childhood and playfulness with a deep connection to nature and gentleness of bunnies. It has incredible relaxing effect on nervous system and for those who have a problem with a sleeping this friendly bunny pose really helps you sleep like a baby. You will get a good stretch for the neck and upper spine. The throat lock of the pose is beneficial for thyroids and parathyroid glands and many of us ‘yogis’ do this pose to relieve sinus problems.

If you have any neck injuries, vertigo or high blood pressure, glaucoma, it would be wise to avoid rabbit pose.

Start on all fours in table top to lubricate your spine and loosen your neck in Cat & Cow pose. Use blanket under your knees for more comfort. After 5 breaths, come back to your neutral position in table top with your knees hip distance apart. Move your hands closer to your knees to narrow the table top position and you will notice your spine will start to round. Naval draw in and up to your body. Inhale and as you exhale, draw your hands slowly all the way to your heals and at the same time your head down bring to the mat, nose toward the naval, chin to the chest and maybe the crown of the head on the mat.

If this is not in your practice – head on the mat, try to use the block or few blankets to support your head. Whether you interlace fingers behind your knee or able to grab your feet, as long as you create a space around your abdominal and your tailbone is facing the ceiling or sky, you are doing a great job in the posture. Make sure you are not creating pressure on the mat with your forehead, it can be quite straining for the neck. Breathe deep in the pose, hugging the lower ribs and stay there for 3-5 breaths. After, unravel and gently come seated on your heels into seated you pose – Vajrasana. Pause and enjoy the calming effect of this pose.

Salamba Sirsasana ( Headstand )

a person doing a handstand on a chair in front of a window.

Another inversion; Headstand – Sirsasana which strengthen the whole body but calms the mind. We call it The King of Asanas. Fantastic pose to to shifts our perspective so we can come our physically and mentally refreshed. The pose effects every system of the body; cardiovascular, lymph, endocrine and digestive system.

Dolphin pose is great pose to build the strength and mobility in upper back and good as preparatory pose.

There are many endless variations how to practice headstand. If you haven’t tried it yet, I would advise to start with an experienced teacher who will help you set-by-step. Each body is different so for each person’s approach should be customised. Good teacher will guide you and, avoids any pressure on cervical vertebrae or disk plus, will encourage you to build up towards the pose slowly. Have you heard a phrase? Slowly but surely. Competitiveness and ego should be put aside otherwise will overshadow your true purpose. Yoga is very much a journey of discovering yourself and applying it to your daily life. That’s a safe yoga.

And, that’s the yoga teacher I want to be remember by. A teacher with safe and intuitive approach to Yoga practice with customised yoga poses.

With FeetUp Headstand Yoga Stool makes to master the pose all that easier… till we build the strength to do Salamba Sirsasana without the support of FeetUp. Enjoy!

Love and Peace.


Julia xx

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