Yogis Travel Beauty Essentials

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Yoga & Mindfulness

Whether you are a yoga teacher or student and are off to yoga day workshop, mindfulness retreat or, off to on yoga teacher training, few yoga beauty essentials you will find truly useful. Sometimes, on longer trips, we get overwhelmed what to take with us and, most of the time we use, wear less than we take. So it happened on of my recent trip. Only really used few and only few became my favourite on my 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.

Scented rollerballs especially when with clean and natural ingredients are incredible popular. Many cosmetic companies include quick rollerball in their perfume collection. Easy packaging, easy to carry and, rollerball design allows you to control the amount you wish to apply. I remember as a child, roller balls were the only thing we could afford. They were small, cheap with a sweet scent and we – teenage girls, absolutely loved it. Rollerballs are back! With better scent and ingredients to enhance your mood.

Scent plays a very big a part of our selves. Over the decades, perfumes are over saturated and at times we might difficult to make a decision – which one is the one suits my personality. I believe, your first instinct never disappoints you. Women are more emotionally connected to fragrances/scents than men. So listen to your intuition as when we listen to our body ( the same as when practicing yoga ) , you are able to choose a right one for you too. Open your senses… Yogandha Ground roller balls 10 ml, I could not go through my Costa Rica trip without. It helped me to uplift my mood and felt more focused esp. in anatomy lectures.

Also, I have included other yoga bits – y’ mat and y’ bag essential which you can pack on your trainings, workshops with you too.

Yogis Travel Beauty Essentials

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Yogandha Ground and Yogandha Salute Rollerball 10ml

I arrived to Costa Rica with three different scents of Yogandha Ground rollerballs. One, I have given away as a present at the end of the training and, I hope that ‘special lady’ enjoys wearing it as much as I do. Two of them became my ‘on-go’ on daily basis. Each morning, started with rolling my yogandha ground rollerball on to the pulse points. On the pulse points where the heart rate can be felt – due to the warmth of your blood. I applied behind the ear, on the wrists, inside your elbow, bottom of your throat and behind your knee. In the sweaty environment, in the rainforest as the east coast of Costa Rica is, where we were practicing, it was good to start a day with a whiff of a Yogandha Salute rollerball – scent from uplifting Bergamot and Grapefruit. It is a great to boost your mood, immune system and energy. During the day, I used Yogandha Ground rollerball which contains Sandalwood and Frankincense. Helped me to keep calm, focus on the practice ( apart from a moment which I had to speak and explain sutras in front of everybody ). Needed more of that scent before those yoga philosophy afternoons. Well, as saying goes; “practice makes perfect” and, more of Yogandha Ground rollerball please! Check out the Yogandha Ground Trio. 

Zephorium Soul Tonic

Do love the little bottle of strength! Could not have enough of it, especially when I arrive at the end of the day to my room – in the goddess garden. I sprayed in the air few times and, inhaled. The air in the room was suddenly fresh and not humid. If you have not managed yet, read more about this fabulous a bottle of strength in my previous post here. Hopefully, you will falling in love with it too.

Manduka Mat Wash

Organic essentials oils, your mat will leave a fresh scent once sprayed with Manduka Mat wash. I have one with lemongrass uplifting scent but there are 4 more of pleasant fragrances to choose from. Spray on to your mat and use damp cloth to wipe off. Wait for few seconds to dry. And, voila’! You are ready for your practice.

Yoga Matters Bag ‘Namaste’

This large cotton bag will fit all your yoga essentials. The size of this bag is a big enough to even include two yoga travel mats if you wish to. However, this yoga bag has been purchased last year so most probably not available any more but, so many out there. Yoga matters choice is endless.

Yoga Matters Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga mat towels these days are so versatile. We do have a good choice, quite overwhelming choice of mat and yoga mat towels with a great materials for daily practice and also to travel with. My blue yoga mat towel has been a present from a dear friend of mine and, I absolutely love it and, served me well on my yoga teaching training while in heat and humidity. It was pleasing to experience my practice without a slipping throughout. See if you fancy any of these latest Yoga matters arrivals here.  

I hope you started your April really well and, enjoy this brief yogis travel beauty essentials. There will be more from beauty, well-being here and so do keep checking in. Additionally, follow me on my juliak_yoga_wellness instagram daily health and beauty news including home made food.

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