Hearty Summer Salad – Cool and Refreshing

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This Fresh Salad has been made with all fresh and raw ingredients. Made a few times at home and, on the recent Summer yoga retreat. Can be eaten on its own, as well as an additional salad next to your main meal dishes – fish, chicken, tofu.

Eating less, light meals, a lots of salads in Summer really helps to clear all toxins which can accumulate with over eating. Try avoid eating over-processed foods, drinking a lots of alcohol, heavy foods in general. But, give your self a bit break during Summer months. The body does not want heavy and too many foods during hot season and, finds it a hard to digest. Incorporate more raw ingredients ( in Summer time) every colour on your plate  – red, orange, yellow, dark green, and a lots of fresh herbs. These colourful fruits and veggies, salads are Phytonutrients – and, are a full of antioxidants,  have anti-inflammatory properties, help and support immune system. Also, very crunchy, fresh and tasty!

I hope this simple prepared fresh Salad inspires you to eat light this Summer.

Hearty Summer Plant Based Salad

Ingredients you need: 

  • Fresh Apple – sliced in rounds
  • 1/2 Fresh Fennel or whole sliced
  • Fresh 1 or 2 Carrots – shaved
  • 1 Cucumber ( eat with the skin – more fibre and vitamins )
  • Whole Pomegranate – cut in a half, then squeezed gently and pop the seeds out. You can use a sharp knife to help those seeds out. I would also recommend apron as if pomegranate is fresh soft, it can produce juicy and, the colour is super red.
  • Mixture of handful Leafy Salads – Rocket, Endive, Spinach, Beetroot leaves
  •  Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Dill
  • Fresh Coriander


Choose the plate of your choice you like to present your Salad. It can be square or round plate. This plate is more serving plate for amount for 4 people as a side salad or 2 people to eat on its own. Shave and grate veg and fruits the shapes you desire. The creativity in the kitchen is endless. So go and have a fun with these ingredients. It can take you less than 10mins to prepare, much longer to eat… – which is a good thing! Use your digestive enzymes as you chewing ( use your saliva ) to increase on bile production which helps with digesting. More you chew, the better. And, you’ll feel full with eating less.

A plate of salad with carrots, cucumbers and pomegranate.

I hope you enjoy making this cooling, refreshing Summer salad and, I will share with you more soon…

Home made Tahini dressing will work with this salad nicely. Check out the next post.

Enjoy the lightness and freshness of this Salad!

Julia xx

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