Yoga to relieve Pelvic pain and discomfort

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Yoga has many benefits as you might have already experienced in some way or another. And, if you haven’t, I urge you to try in 2023 year.

Some say and believe, that all yoga poses originate from the spine. And, I love focusing on a spine length and spine elongation in my classes because we can experience to be more relaxed afterwards. When it comes to pelvis, as Judith H. Lasater expressed that ‘Pelvis is everything.’ And, she has been teaching since 1971, written 11 books so far and still teaching so I trust that she knows thing or two or maybe even one of the most qualified yoga teacher in the world.

Yoga to relieve Pelvic pain and discomfort

As a mature woman, I have experienced few pains in my body including pelvic pain. It is not a pleasant one. I have been lucky in the last 5 years that I have been practicing and teaching yoga on regular basis and found that a regular practice helps to strengthen the muscles which surrounds the pelvis and keep the pelvis healthy. In recent years, there have been  studies that there are around 25 million of women around the world experiencing chronic pelvic pain. There are also some men, 1 in 10 men might suffer with pelvic pain too.

The pelvis, being a central part of the body’s foundation, can greatly benefit from yoga practice. Yoga for pelvic floor focuses on bringing mobility to muscles in and around the pelvic floor. Integrated yoga and pelvic floor therapy can really help and support to relieve pain from pelvic floor dysfunction, improve strength and coordination of pelvic floor muscle contraction. A mindful breathing into your yoga practice can also be beneficial for the pelvis. Deep, abdominal breathing helps to relax the muscles in the pelvic area and can improve blood flow. This can aid in relieving tension and discomfort.

If you notice in your practice that you spend too much time tensing any muscles, ( could be tensing in the area of hips, low back, knees, all the way down to your feet and even up to the jaw ), the muscle wont be able to relax enough to perform a proper contraction. This means that tension can actually make your muscles weaker. The other muscles may try to do the job of the muscles that isn’t functioning properly and that could create an imbalance in the body.

Yoga poses to relieve pelvic pain and discomfort

Knowing right yoga poses for relieving pelvic pain is great esp. poses e.g. Malasana ( yogic squat ) as the picture below. Also, Ananda Balasana ( happy baby ), Viparita Karani ( Legs up to the wall ), my favorite Setu Bandha Sarvangasana ( bridge pose ) and many other beautiful, therapeutic poses, however, there is no release if the prana does flow through. What I mean by that is if you just focus on only’ to perform poses or, even pushing into a pose to your 100% range of motion ( which can creates stress in the body / muscles ) or, your mind is somewhere else, you might loose the benefit and create more tension. Move towards 70% range of motion, where you have still space to explore and allow a breath to take a place, breath is flowing with ease and, see how you feee afterwards.

So please come and try a yoga class with me, whether is online or in-studio, I offer number of variety classes. Click here to see my class schedule. Mention that you read this blog, I will offer you your 1st class for free.

a woman in a yoga pose in front of a window.

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I look forward seeing you on the mat and helping you ease your pelvic pain with each yoga practice you take with me. If you prefer One to One personalised yoga session, contact me directly:

May you find freedom and easiness in your magical pelvis!


Julia xx

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