Your Feet are your Support

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” The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

How often do you think about your feet? How important are your feet to you?

Have you ever thought about what can simple few muscle movements on your feet can do for your feet, knees, hips and pelvis?

Your Feet is your Support

I always had a thing about feet. Way before I started studying body anatomy, before my yoga teachings. There was the simple intuitive connection. When I was tired through my feet, my whole body was too and my mind. When I was wearing high heels for a night out, or a whole day during working hours in my early twenties, thirties, I suffered with so much tiredness, pains in my legs afterwards. I remember how I was lifting my leg up  to the wall without being aware of any benefits. It just felt good, a sort of relief. When I finally changed my work life, no more standing on my feet long hours no more bad shoes, no high heels – ( no, thank you! ), and incorporated more movements in my feet and, in my body, I started to feel more alive, lighter, sort of liberating, – but most of all, healthier. My mojo was back!

Feet can tell a lot about our general health condition. So do not underestimate your beautiful feet.

Being barefoot is our natural state but, unless you live on the beach, I am pretty sure, you have to wear shoes to work, taking kids to school, attending dinners, parties, other events and activities as we normally do. We can not simply imagine a life without a pair of shoes. And, not any shoes. These days, we can go crazy on design, high heels or any heel choice in that matter. Have you thought about how your feet feel in the pair you have bought lately? Do you use your toes in them? Which part of the foot muscle do you use during walking?

Our feet are extremely complex

a person standing in the sand with their feet in the sand.

Our feet are extremely complex. 25% of the number of the bones and muscles in our body are located below our ankle? Feet are major support for our balance, posture, Feet is your foundation. Moving muscles on your feet, looking after your feet, you are automatically look after your hips, knees, lower back, pelvis and organ function.

The ancient Egyptians knew all about this. We can see it in their statues. Their strength rises from their feet to the upper part of their bodies and incredible energy explodes like fire from the heels to the top of the head.

Reactivate the muscles of your feet

Simple movements of your feet might make a tremendous effect on your toe muscle strength, healthy feet, knees, hips and pelvis. Your whole body will be better supported.

And, not just that, when you take your shoes off and begin reactivating the muscles of your feet, you will also reactivate large segments of your brain. And, as with your muscles, your brain and nervous system need to be used or the unused cells gradually die off.

So take your shoes off, arrive on the mat and reactivate feet muscles so not only your happy feet but your overall body health including brain which will feel alive again.

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So don’t postpone it anymore, connect with your feet, move those special foot muscles, build a strong foundation, create a sense of well-being. Feel confident in your own body. Because your body is what you have and want to keep it healthy.

Till next time.

Always love, with support,

Julia xx

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